Despite Dropping Numbers, Pokemon Go Is Still Most Profitable Mobile Game

For many, the Pokemon Go craze has come and gone. Since the game peaked in July, the number of players has steadily dropped, with only 21% of those peak in-game buyers still playing. However, despite such a huge drop in paying customers, Pokemon Go is still the most profitable mobile game on the market.

According to a study run by Slice Intelligence, in August Pokemon Go brought in 28% of all mobile game revenue. The next highest earner, Candy Crush Saga, brought in 4.5%! Pokemon Go made six times more than it’s closes competitor!

Niantic isn’t the only company to benefit financially from Pokemon Go’s massive success. The same study found that sales of Pokemon merchandise this August were up 233% from last August. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Pokemon Go contributed to the Nintendo 3DS being the top selling game system in August, beating both the PS4 and the Xbox One!

The question now is can Pokemon Go continue to be profitable? I believe the answer is yes, as long as Niantic keeps updating the game with new and exciting content. The recent addition of the buddy feature, which allows trainers to choose a Pokemon to “walk” with them and earn candy, is a great start. We know that Niantic is working on a new tracking system. They also just released the Pokemon Plus, and announced compatibility with Apple Watch.


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