5 DC Easter Eggs to Look Out for in ‘Suicide Squad’

It’s one of the most anticipated movies of the year and it is right around the corner! Suicide Squad is sure to not disappoint and will be packed full easter eggs for all of the fans to enjoy. Here are just five but be sure to be on the look out for more hidden gems and what the future DC films might hold.

5.) Round 2 for Lex Luther

maxresdefaultSo it’s quite possible that we see Lex Luther again, and if you have seen the Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Edition you will know why. While visiting Lex Luther in prison Batman has a few words for him, “I arranged for you to get a transfer to Arkham Asylum in Gotham. I still have some friends there they’re expecting you.” But in all honesty maybe this is what Lex Luther wanted all along.

4.) Solve the Riddle of Arkham Asylum

Batman-V-Superman-Trailer-Armor-Graffiti-RiddlerIt has now emerged that there is serious speculation that the solo Batman movie in the works with Ben Affleck may be putting our dark knight behind the prison walls of Arkham. If that does happen we might just get a visit from some of our favorite Gotham criminals. Maybe a Poison Ivy/ Harley Quinn team up movie. Or dare I say the Riddler! We haven’t seen him since Batman Forever and there were quite a few question marks scattered through out Batman V Superman. One can only hope!


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