Daily Daredevil: S2 E9 "Seven Minutes in Heaven" Review

Shivs! Eternal life? More hallway fight scenes! Its Daily Daredevil Part Nine!


(Skip the following paragraph if you wish to actually read a review instead of a rant, sorry)

I am a bit new to this reviewing thing, but I am not new to the Daredevil series. This series reignited my interest and faith in Marvel as a serious production company. Many of you (which means all five of my family members reading this) are probably asking “But Sara! Marvel made Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man and Avengers! How can you not love them?!?!?” Guess what, family that will soon disown me, NOT EVERYTHING IS PUNCHES THEN JOKES WHEN IT COMES TO HEROES! And Daredevil proved to be the bit of darkness that I needed to see in this crazy, never-ending cinematic universe. So it is safe to say I was extremely pleased with the first season, and the second season hasn’t let me down at all.


Episode 9 begins where 8 left off (because they all know we are binge-watching this) with Wilson Fisk’s proposition to newly indicted Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher. Soon enough, we also gain an explanation as to how and why this offer came about. Fisk, despite his babyish appearance and sometimes actions, refuses to be pushed around in the big house, and makes a decision to take over and control anything coming in and out of the prison. To convince the convicted killer, Fisk offers Frank “closure” with the murder of the current head of prison. With that opportunity, Castle agrees, hesitantly.

Meanwhile, Foggy and Matt make an emotional decision to spend some time apart, a decision neither of them seem exceptionally happy about. It seemed inevitable from episode one this season, as the law firm has become second priority to the Devil. The decision, to Matt, has become save the firm, or save the city. The classic superhero second life dilemma doesn’t seem cliche when portrayed by these actors though. They genuinely seem to care about the decisions each of them are making and the audience is able to see the impact of the seemingly unwinnable choice.

More than half of the episode is based around the Fisk/Punisher storyline in prison, and I could feel it while watching. We only got slight hints into the outside world plotlines with Karen further investigating the John Doe presented by the medical examiner in the previous episode. She teams up again with chief editor of the New York Bulletin, and in the process gains access to Ben Urich’s office from season 1, an emotional moment with the memory of Ben’s death and the editor’s knowledge of Karen’s past.

The highlight of the episode was easily ANOTHER hallway fight we were given the opportunity to see. I am noticing how many of them there are, but I am not sure I will ever get tired of them. In this situation, Frank has just murdered the key player in jail, and, when attempting to leave, is betrayed by none other than Wilson Fisk himself (he makes sure to thank him before turning everyone against him, how sweet!). When the prisoners piece it together, they all face Frank at once. Soon, the white uniform Frank arrived in is coated in red. The fight choreography is honestly impeccable and although I should be fearful to see one man hurt so many others, I can’t help but understand the rage and power that Frank has come to know and love.

The Hand discovered the key to eternal life by the way. Turns out that accountant’s kid’s blood is being harvested to bring people back from the dead, along with some other children. Nobu, that ninja that was burned to death, isn’t actually burned to death. Daredevil’s all like WHAAAAAaaa? And Nobu is all like Psh death ain’t even a thang. That’s paraphrasing of course but like basically the same thing that they said.

Oh, and Matt’s mad that Elektra killed that kid so they kind of broke up. That event went to the back burner with the scenes that were taking place around it, sorry.

I enjoyed the episode a lot, and now that I write it out, a lot took place, but the lack of Daredevil and the usual supporting characters through me off, yet was a refreshing change from what you would expect from a show like this. Well done Daredevil, you remain as one of my favorite TV shows of all time.




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