How to Control Your Eevolutions in Pokémon Go

Step 01. Rename Your Eevee

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This is a pretty obvious first step, but it is important. To do this, you’ll open your menu, select the Eevee you want to rename, then click the little pen (pencil? crayon? writing utensil.) next to the name. Change the name to one of the 3 listed above, click ok, and you’re done (with this step).

Step 02. Close The Game

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After changing the name, you need to close the app, then reopen it. This makes sure the server recognizes the change, and is crucial to this process.

Step 03. Eevolve Your Eevee

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It’s finally time for the main event! Make sure you have enough candies, click the Evolve button, and enjoy your new Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon!

**There is one possible hiccup to this process. Going back to that reddit page, it seems that this process is pretty much surefire for first time you use it, but users are reporting mixed results for the second time. Either way, it’s better than leaving it entirely to chance.

Try this out, and let us know in the comments if it worked for you!

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