How to Control Your Eevolutions in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is something special.  Since its release a couple weeks ago, millions of people worldwide have downloaded it, started playing, and kept playing.

Google search suggestions are full of Pokémon Go questions, such as “leaves in pokemon go”

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…or “can you pick up missed pokeballs”.

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One of the most popular questions however, has been “how can you control what your Eevee evolves into?”

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There have been plenty of rumors, including that the eevolution is based on the move set (specifically, on the second move your Eevee knows).  However, I’m happy to tell you that, thanks to a redditor page, we finally have a real solution.


To control your eevolution (I refuse to stop typing it like that), you have to change your Eevee’s name to one of the following:

Rainer for Vaporeon

Sparky for Jolteon

Pyro for Flareon

Diehard Pokemon fans (or just fans of the show) may recognize these as the names of The Eevee Brothers from the first episode of the original anime.  Rainer owned a Vaporeon, Sparky owned a Jolteon, and Pyro had a Flareon.

eevee-2-467x350Now, before you rush off and try this, there are some fairly specific steps you need to complete in order for this to work.

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