What If Captain America: Civil War Came Out in 1995? [VIDEO]

Captain America: Civil War is going to be one of the biggest movies …of 1995? Screenrant edited a mock trailer of what it may have looked like if Captain American: Civil War came out in the 90’s. Don’t forget, there was a Captain American film in 1990, but nothing like this! Check out this VHS trailer for the latest Marvel movie as a mid-90s political thriller.

Seeing this trailer re-cut for the 90’s made me take a look back at what actual comic-book related films were released in the 90’s. From Batman to Tank Girl there might be more than you would expect. Here are my top ten!

10.) Tank Girl (1995)

After a comet disrupts the rain cycle of Earth, the planet has become a desolate, barren desert by the year 2033. With resources scarce, Kesslee (Malcolm McDowell) — head of the powerful and evil Water & Power Corporation, the de facto government — has taken control of the water supply. Unwilling to cower under Kesslee’s tyrannical rule, a pair of outlaws known as Tank Girl (Lori Petty) and Jet Girl (Naomi Watts) rise up, joining the mysterious rebel Rippers to destroy the corrupt system.

9.) The Shadow (1994)

Set in 1930s New York, a reformed criminal becomes a superhero. With the aid of a beautiful female friend, a playboy millionaire with a dark past sets out to bring the evil Shiwan Khan to justice. His quarry, who is determined to attain world domination, is a deadly descendant of Genghis Khan and will not surrender without a fight.


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