8 Comic Book Movies Made for Adults

For years it seems that the comic book movie genre has been geared towards families and children. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a fan of the genre and appreciate a good ol’ fashioned family friendly superhero ass kicking. But sometimes we get a gift from the comic book movie gods that is full of blood, violence, cussing, dark undertones and dick jokes. Those types of films I can always get behind. Here’s a list of comic book movies made for adults only.


Oh Deadpool… your R rating was well deserved and we all thank you. We thank you for breaking all of the rules while being a bad ass and making us all laugh all of the way through.

Ryan Reynolds kills it as Deadpool (literally) with his political incorrectness and off color jokes. It was by far the comic book movie everyone was waiting for and it didn’t disappoint.

A History of Violence

This one is a rough one, and if you didn’t know it was a comic book adaption, well you do now. Cronenberg’s History of Violence will make you question your own morality.

It’s a super violent film but it’s a great film.


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