6 Things You May Not Know About Aquaman

DC / Warner Brothers

4.) He Used a Polar Bear as a Weapon

In 1942, Aquaman noticed a group of hunters were illegally poaching seals in order to kill them and sell their fur. While coming up with a plan to stop them a polar bear challenged him to a fight and instead of fighting the polar bear he picked it up and threw it at the poachers. That’s right, he used a polar bear as a weapon!

3.) He Has A Son That Died?


Aquaman had an Aquababy named Arthur Jr. with his wife Mera in Aquaman Issue 23 (1965). He was later killed by Black Manta. The death of their son put great stress on Mera and Aquaman’s relationship and at one point caused Mera to leave him for a time. He went on to have another child and some would say Aqualad was also filling in the gap.

2.) He Had an Octopus Sidekick

Batman had Robin – but Aquaman had a few sidekicks of the sea. Including Topo the Octopus, Aqualad, Porpy the Porpoise and a Giant Seahorse. That’s some posse.


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