6 Things You May Not Know About Aquaman

DC / Warner Brothers

DC released the first trailer for Justice League at San Diego Comic Con a couple weeks ago. One of the most notable characters we get our first look at is Aquaman portrayed by Jason Momoa. When the first photo was revealed of Momoa as Aquaman there was a significant difference from the character we have grown to know through the years versus the new look in DC’s Justice League movie.

But for many that only follow the film universe this will be the first time they are introduced to the character. So this is the perfect time to share a few facts you may not know about Aquaman.

6.) He Founded The Justice League?

He isn’t just another character in a collection of superheros. He’s the King of the Seven Seas and was actually the founding member of the Justice League. More recent comics would make you believe he was added after the team was assembled but that is simply not the case.

His cameo in Batman v Superman set up what we see in the new Justice League trailer when Batman approaches him to join the team. Making it seem like he will once again be the founding member.

5.) He Almost Had His Own TV Series on CW

After Aquaman made an appearance on the TV series Smallville the creators filmed an Aquaman pilot episode starring Justin Hartely. The pilot was never picked up and Hartley went on to play the role of Green Arrow in Smallville. While Alan Ritchson went on to play Aquaman in several later episodes of Smallville.


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