5 Questionable Ways to Hatch Eggs in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go was intended to help people get active. It is targeted at an audience that is known for spending hours at home, watching Netflix or playing video games. So of course people immediately started looking for ways to play the game without being active. One of the most targeted features for this “creative problem solving” is hatching eggs. Some of the methods below might work, and others definitely won’t, so PLEASE don’t just skim the headlines. You’ve been warned.

5.) Animals

Eggs are meant to be hatched by tracking player steps, and hatching when they reach a certain distance. One of the most obvious work arounds is to strap your phone to another living thing that moves, aka an animal. People have strapped their phone’s to their dogs.


They’ve attached them to their cats.

By using a cat wearing some sort of iPhone saddle.

And at least one person made a chicken harness.

Of course, some people see this as animal cruelty. Those trainers can always try…


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