’30 Years Of Garbage’ Documentary Takes Us Back To Our Childhood

A weird baby that grew in a cabbage patch was all the craze in 1983. People couldn’t get their hands on those weird little dolls fast enough. So much so people would fight over them in stores like a black Friday sale. But it was the barfing, drooling and sometimes bleeding kids with pimples and farts that stood the test of time. Garbage Pail Kids were born in 1985. While their counterparts dried up in the field, these kids of garbage are still around 30 years later. A new documentary, brought to life partially by an IndieGoGo Campaign, gives us an inside look at the artist that brought those dumpy little lovable kids to life and the resurgence that brought them back to mainstream collectors.

30 Years Of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story will have it’s world premiere on July 1st in New York City.  Until then check out the trailer for the doc above and a clip from the campaign that brought the doc to life below.


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