SNES Mini Pre-orders to Start This Month


The NES Classic Edition was released on November 11, 2016 and the world almost burned. Well, OK, that’s quite the exaggeration BUT they did fly off the shelf faster than the Cabbage Patch Kids in the early 80’s. So fast in fact that prices soon skyrocketed to well over $200.00 USD when the masses tried to find them on the open market. With the original price tag of $59.99 USD, no doubt nostalgic gamers felt angered and slighted.

Enter the SNES Mini. Built with the same concept in mind the SNES Mini will feature many of the same features: preloaded games, miniscule hardware footprint and affordable base price. The console is set to begin the pre-order phase of launch in August.

With the demand already reaching a fever pitch for this retro console, if your inner-90’s kid wishes to buy one, you will no doubt have to pre-order or play the odds in finding one.


Does this guarantee you’ll get one? Maybe, maybe not. Nintendo has promised that due to the popularity of the NES Classic, more units of the SNES Mini are being shipped with this launch to your nearest big box retailer.

Now you’re playing with power. Well, not exactly. Now, you’re playing the waiting game.

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