‘Scum’ Changes the Game of Open World Survival

Image courtesy of Gamepires, Croteam and Devolver Digital

‘Scum’ is a new open-world survival game that debuted footage at PAX. While open world games and survival games are all the rage right now, this game has a setting I haven’t seen very often in my years of playing video games.

Three development companies (Gamepires, Croteam and Devolver Digital) have teamed up to create this open-world survival game set in a near future prison environment where prisoners are pitted against each other while fighting for viewers and sponsors, a la Hunger Games style. When I first heard of the game, there wasn’t anything that stood out to me, however when I dug deeper into the game qualities and its development, it becomes clear that this isn’t your average multiplayer game.

While the trailer for Scum isn’t the flashiest, there was one video that got my attention the most. On the Scum website, they post development vlogs teaching players what the game can do. My favorite video is showing the intricacies and importance of the wet/dry system in the game. In game play, there are weather changes and getting wet can affect your character significantly.

Not only by making the character sick but in the quality of movement depending on the clothes your character is wearing. Certain clothing will soak faster than others and finding shelter becomes increasingly important. Check out the video where they explain it.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s impressive as hell. According to DVS Gaming, the location of the game is on the island prison of Bagne de Cayenne which is notorious for its violence. Just like with RPG games, the character you build and the stats that you make important will affect the game play. You will work with stats like strength, constitution, dexterity and intelligence. Things like hunger, blood pressure and fatigue will also affect game play.

Now Scum isn’t the kind of game I would normally play, however, it values itself on character customization and progression. The game play seems less like it’s a barn burner and more of a game of thought and planning. While there is no official release date other than being in the second quarter of the year,  you shouldn’t have to wait that long for this PC only game to be available on Steam.

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