How to Find Bigfoot, Avoid Lightning, and Kill the Klan in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

Red Dead Redemption 2
Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2 has lived up to the hype and then some of the 2+ year wait. I have lost hours of my day and night playing the game and time flies by each time. There is something for everyone, even my wife who doesn’t play games found herself giving me direction on what to do while I was playing the game.

As I killed some innocent town folk she exclaimed, “That was unnecessary.” Only moments later telling me to stab someone and take their horse. That is one of the fun things about Red Dead in general – you get to choose to be a hero or an outlaw – and lets be honest, it is more fun to do hood rat things with our friend than be the hero in a game.

Some of the interactions that players have come acrossed are downright awesome. Lets jump into some of the features that have been discovered since the game was released.

Red Dead 2 Bigfoot
Rockstar Games

Tracking down legendary animals like a 1000 pound bear is one thing, but hunting Bigfoot is on another level. Much like the zombie modes that have taken over first person shooter games it seems like the Bigfoot Easter egg is becoming more and more popular. I first came across it in ‘Far Cry 5’ – but you can also hunt it in Red Dead 2. Something that RockStar Games has tried to infuse in every open-world game. It first popped up in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Before embarking on your hunt for the beast you have to study over thirty types of animal species in the game. You can check on this by checking your “Progress” tab to see how many species you have found and study thus far. Once you hit the 30 requirement you have unlocked the chance to find Bigfoot. Much like most of the features we are highlighting today they are very random. Walks us through your best chances of finding the “Giant” Bigfoot.

Travel up to the Wapiti Indian Reservation, then travel east to the western shore of the nearby river. Randomly, during a clear day (between 8AM-8PM) a flock of birds will appear. When they fly away, follow them on horseback. They should lead you east.

The birds will lead you far east, to the rocky mountains north of the train tracks, north of O’Creagh’s Run. There’s a rocky den here, where the unseen giant will speak to you. He claims he’s too big to come out, but you can have a quick conversation with the beast.

If you wait 48 hours, you can even have a second conversation. The big guy has some “big children” too, and he might just be too big to come out and say hello.

This Easter egg is available after completing Chapter 2, but you might need to wait awhile to study enough animals. Remember, you can study animals by holding [L2 / LT] and then press [R1 / RB] to study the animal if you’ve never studied it before. Killing and skinning an animal will automatically study it.



For the first time this weekend I ran into a nasty storm while I was inspecting a boat house by a pond. I saw the storm brewing a few miles away and saw constant lightning strikes. It made me wonder if there was a chance in the game I could be struck by lightning. Come to find out there is a very real chance even though the odds in real life are 1 in 700,000. If you get struck in the game it looks like you will meet your maker immediately.

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With the political climate being pretty harsh these days I would hope we could all be on the same page and agree that racism is bad. But I know that won’t be the case for everyone. However, Red Dead 2 has now given us a way to punch a racist in the face and not get in trouble. Consider this a therapy session.

The massive open world map gives us a lot of unexpected opportunities while discovering new things. Some come as a cool surprise like Bigfoot or getting unexpectedly struck by lightning. While others offer an interesting choice. If you happen to be walking the woods during the night, you may stumble upon a group of KKK members performing a cross burning. Depending on when you run into the hooded figures you may catch them in a full on cross burning or seeing them setup the ceremony.

During the cross burning some of the members are clumsy and back into the burning cross lighting themselves on fire. If that wasn’t satisfying enough – in some instances people have seen the cross fall onto the members crushing them. After the chaos breaks out and the members are burning alive you will see the Grand Master fleeing the scene. That is where you can take matters into your own hands and end the hate by beating the shit out of the Grand Master. The best part about it is, your honor will not be effect by this like it is when you kill or punch a regular citizen. Your outlaw status will stay the same! Check out the footage below.


If these things weren’t enough there have also been reports of UFO sightings and Ghost Trains riding the rails. These are just some of the cool things people have encountered. What things have you seen that caught you by surprise. Tell us in the comment section below!

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