PAX East 2018: ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Gets Customization, Crossover and New Episodes

Final Fantasy XV
Image courtesy of Square Enix

You may recall a couple months ago reading the announcement regarding the release of new DLC content for Final Fantasy XV. At PAX East 2018, Square Enix announced even more information regarding the new DLCs and additional content just for PC users. They also discussed a crossover between Final Fantasy XV and another up and coming game.

We knew already that in addition to the three already existing extra episodes that follow Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus, we would be getting an additional four episodes that will further character development and fill in the blanks regarding past story-lines. Add that to all of the new content that just dropped with the Royal Edition, and it would seem that Square Enix is tops in terms up updates and content additions (Techland and Gemly a close second with all of the newest editions to Dying Light).

Final Fantasy XV
Image courtesy of Square Enix

According to Game Spot, the slides that were presented at the Square Enix panel broke down each additional episode.

Episode I Ardyn: The Conflict of the Sage

It will follow Ardyn and his hatred for Lucis over 2000 years and additionally show conflicts with the Astrals.

Episode Side Story Aranea- The Beginning of the End

This episode follows the Starscourge from the Nilfheim’s perspective and the last day of the Empire for Aranea.

Episode II Lunafreya- The Choice of Freedom

This follows Lunafreya, the choices she makes to protect Noctis and the course of her own fate while protecting the one she loves.

Episode III Noctis- The Final Strike

This follows Noctis as he leaves the Astrals to fight the final battle for his kingdom and to save his people from the darkness.

Final Fantasy XV
Image courtesy of Square Enix

In addition to each new episode, according to IGN, the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV will receive a character creator, mod support, a level editor and the ability to upload the things the players create to Steam. Soon, players will be able to share the weapons and custom outfits that they created. That ability and the mod support should arrive this spring while the remainder is set to arrive this Fall, aside from new episodes which are slated for 2019.

With the level editor, players can add enemies and create events making  the experience special and of their own creation. Square Enix also teased at a crossover between Final Fantasy XV and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, although no other information is given. Square Enix is known for surprise and sometimes elaborate crossovers, so this is one to look forward to. We will keep you updated with any new information they give regarding the crossover.

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