Bring the Madness of ‘Midsommar’ Home with the Bear Action Figure From A24

Credit: A24

“So are we just going to ignore the bear there?” NO!

In fact we are going to make it into a folk action figure for all ages! Be prepared to get “it’s a bear!” stuck in your head the rest of the day with this light-hearted commercial for the Midsommar “Bear in a Cage™” action figure.

Leave it to A24 to take a daytime nightmare that is dripping with weirdness that makes you feel awkward and gross at times to create a fun upbeat commercial for a toy featuring kids. I think it is brilliant and brushes up against something I would expect to see from Adult Swim. Not from a film about a cult. But I’ll tell you one thing, if this was the recruiting video I might just join said cult.

You can pick up the limited edition Midsommar “Bear in a Cage™” on Wednesday, July 10th at



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