The International Trailer for ‘Dark Phoenix’ Features More Footage & An Overall Better Tone

Dark Phoenix
Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Editing is the unsung hero of the film industry. It plays such a vital way in which stories unfold. To the point where filmmakers often admit finding many movie’s center, in the editing bay. It’s also why so many people shared and openly mocked that clip from Bohemian Rhapsody. Both before and after it won an Oscar in that category.


Context it key in this one. Where the earlier trailer seemed slapdash, this feels more confident and assure of itself. Part of it still reeks of “been there, done that”, but it’s at least more palatable now. The new footage of young Jean, the space mission, as well as some choice added dialogue, works quite well. Upgrade excitement levels from “tepid” to “cautiously optimistic”.

As this is likely to be the series swan song for the series, we aren’t against them making things appear massive. Go big and then go home might just have been their motto. It’s still a tad weird though, that theyrth handing the final chapter over to a director making his feature debut (he produced other entries, if that helps). Maybe that’s the shot in the arm things need. There’s so many good actors here, it would be nice to things to go out on a good note.

What say you? Does this international trailer fix any wonkiness from the previous footage? Do you prefer the first trailer more? Are there any actors here you’d like to somehow see pop up in the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe? Tell us down in the comments. Dark Phoenix hits theaters in almost exactly three months (June 7th) so we’re bound to get a few TV spots still. Either way, start making plans to see this in theaters, as one of the longest running comic book film franchises comes to a close.

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