Stephen King Says a New ‘Dark Tower’ Story is Possible

Columbia Pictures

Speaking at a recent Q&A author Stephen King announced that he might write at least one more story in his iconic Dark Tower series. When asked directly if at least one more Dark Tower tale could occur – possibly even the much-alluded-to-yet-never-explained Battle of Jericho Hill – an enthusiastic King responds “Yes. I think that might happen!”

The Dark Tower, which King began decades ago, tells the story of a gunslinging cowboy journeying across a post-apocalyptic world in search of a mysterious, supernatural tower. 2017’s film adaptation, which starred Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, hit many of the key points of the series’ elaborate mythos, but did not quite satisfy in the way that some fans of the series wanted. Therefore it seems reasonable that a further literary installment of the adventures of Roland Deschain and his allies might be just the thing to restore The Dark Tower’s epic reputation.

King brought the series to its official conclusion in 2004, but he has revisited the setting once already with 2012’s The Wind Through The Keyhole. So further returns to the devastated land of Mid-World are never out of the question. Of course with stories still planned for both televised and feature film formats, chances to reach the Tower may soon be more plentiful than ever.

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