Starz “American Gods” Trailer is Visually Stunning, Bloody and Mysterious

For those familiar with Neil Gaiman’s book, American Gods, you have been waiting for the series launch of this since they first announce it would be adapted. For those unfamiliar with the source material, it tells the story of a recently released ex-convict named Shadow (Ricky Whittle) meets a mysterious man who calls himself “Wednesday” (Ian McShane) and who knows more than he first seems to about Shadow’s life and past.

The second trailer released by Starz today gives us an extended look at the series and the wide cast of characters that feature a tour de force of talent.

I was lucky enough to see the world premiere pilot at SXSW. While I can’t discuss to many details, let me just say, it does not disappoint!

It has stunning visuals, mysterious characters and meticulous detail. American Gods is primed to be a breakout hit. Check out the new trailer below to see the Gods in all their glory. Then set your DVR for April 30th for the premiere.


As I mentioned above Starz treated fans and press to a special world premiere screening at SXSW. Afterwards several of the cast members came on stage to discuss the series and their characters.

Ian McShane:
“That’s the first frame I have seen and it was fucking amazing. I had a fucking good time!”

Bryan Fuller on adapting:
“Our first task to adapting is seeing a show we would want to see as an audience member.”

Emily Browning:
“Laura Moon is kind of like Shadows awful guardian angel”

Pablo Schreiber:
“Mad Sweeney’s arch is like Shadows. They are both looking for themselves”

Orlando Jones:
“I just saw a woman suck a whole man into a vagina. I don’t have much to say”

“This show allows us a platform on how our beliefs bring us together and not tear us apart”

Across the street from the convention center stood a massive white buffalo with glowing eyes and smoke that rolled out of them making the light from the neon sign hazy. It was an amazing photo op for fans looking forward to the series. You could also receive such promo items as t-shirts and sweatshirts that featured an outline of the buffalo with the word “Believe” across the front of it. It was a cool spot to take a load off  and rest while recharge your phones. The buffalo was impressive. I am sad it will be taken down after the festival.

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