Scientists have Named a Dinosaur after the Ghostbusters Demon Zuul

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Ghostbusters is a comedic masterpiece, and easily one of the most beloved movies of all time.  Now, as well as being a pop-culture phenomenon, it seems that the film has made a permanent impact in the scientific community.  We are happy to report that a newly discovered dinosaur has been named after the movie’s demonic villain, Zuul.

As reported by io9, scientists at the Royal Ontario Museum recently discovered the 75-million-year-old fossil of a new ankylosaur.  What started as a joking comment about the horned dinosaur looking a bit like the scary Ghostbusters demon has led the discovery to be officially named the “Zuul crurivastator.”

Ghostbusters co-writer, star, and fellow Ontarian Dan Aykroyd  paid a visit to the museum to see the fossils and recorded a short video, as seen below:

According to a museum statement, “like Zuul, the new species has a short, rounded snout and prominent horns behind the eyes. The shape of the horns and the ornaments on the skull are what identified Zuul as a species new to science.

Its species name, crurivastator, means ‘destroyer of shins’, and references the incredible weapon-like tail club found with the skeleton.

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