Pennywise Will Make You Think Twice When You Call the IT Department

With over $371 million pulled in at the box office worldwide Andrés Muschietti‘s re-imagining of Stephen King’s classic Pennywise character has become a worldwide phenomenon. With it comes all kinds of spoofs, pranks and scares from the mainstream media. Pennywise, much like Freddy Krueger in the 80’s, has become a pop-culture icon that has been even more magnified by the simplicity of the scares that surround us. Red balloons and sewer drains. They are everywhere, and so is Pennywise!

The latest place he popped up was on the James Corden Show. One of my favorite late night talks shows takes the joke of someone calling IT and turning it on it’s head.

An office worker calls the IT department to solve a computer issue, confusion leads to Pennywise showing up when hearing a call for “It,” and things don’t make much more sense when information technology finally arrives. Watch the clip below.

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