New Rated-R ‘Hellboy’ is on the Way Starring David Harbour

Sony Pictures/Dark Horse Entertainment

After nearly a decade of rumors that HELLBOY 3 was on the way Guillermo del Toro crushed those dreams earlier this year. But it appears we have new hope!

The creator of the HELLBOY comics, Mike Mignola, announced today via social media that they will be rebooting the franchise with Neil Marshall. You probably know Marshall best from his film THE DESCENT along with a handful of fantastic TV credits that include; WESTWORLD, GAME OF THRONES and HANNIBAL.
Unfortunately Ron Perlman won’t be coming back to reprise his role as HELLBOY but another fan favorite will be dawning the red make-up. STRANGER THINGS star David Harbour (Chief Hopper) will be taking over the starring role. Not to shabby!

In addition to the reboot and casting news we also found out the film will be Rated-R!

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