Tom Cruise Puts His Body On The Line In The Latest ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Trailer

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First things first: the M:I movie series is 22 years old. Let that sink in for a while. It’s old enough to go out and get blotto. Something I’d like to imagine the remaining members of IMF (or are they ex-members? I can’t keep track) go out and do after all these films ends. Judging by how things look to be going in the newest trailer for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, they’re all going to end up with liver damage:

To be honest I’m a little confused about why this is the “official trailer”, when there was already a trailer before this. Was a clandestine wing of Paramount involved in making sure the masses were notified of the movie months ago? Who keeps okaying these five second teasers before the actual trailers? Does Ethan Hunt have time to investigate? None of it really matters.

What does matter is all the footage contained above, for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, looks absolutely spectacular. The visually striking and frenetic camerawork of the last few entries, remains intact. Stakes seem to be astronomical this go round. At least, more astronomical than that of Rogue Nation. Then there’s good old crazy, but reliable Tom Cruise. Once again partaking in death defying stunts, willing the universe to snuff him out of existence. Thankfully, what ever force of nature is in charge of that failed. Again.

While these kinds of big budget summer movies are tight-lipped when it comes to divilging exact plot details, some tid-bits can be gleaned. It appears on yet another wacky mission, Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and co. find themselves with their back against a wall. Hunt, caring more about family than national security lets the baddies get away with nuclear material. One thing leads to another, an attack is triggered and Hunt must face the fallout of his actions.

Beyond the insanity of the trailer, the cast for Mission: Impossible – Fallout is packed to the gills. Both in terms of returning members (Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Fergeson) and excellent new additions (Angela Bassett and Henry Cavill). There’s also the curious inclusion of the as-of-yet unseen Wes Bentley, who most likely is playing the part of Henry Cavill’s perfectly manicured mustache. Back again, both behind the camera and on writing duties, is Christopher McQuarrie. Someone who seems best qualified in bringing out the best of Cruise’s particular skill set, after working with him on Jack Reacher, Edge of Tomorrow and Rogue Nation.

What do you all think? Does this look rather thrilling, more of the same, or have you never liked these films to begin with? I for one can’t wait. July 27th seems almost too far away.

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