The Last Petal Falls In This Final “Beauty and the Beast” Trailer


If, for some silly reason you weren’t aware, Disney is getting ready to release a little movie called Beauty and the Beast. Problem is there’s still a month & a half from coming out. Naturally, it seemed everyone needed a reminder and so, the universe has kindly dropped off one final, lavish trailer.


Gotta admit, something strikes me as a bit odd here. Yes, it is gorgeous and the cast seems fantastic. Yes, it looks like they’re revisiting more than a few of the scenes from the ’91 smash hit. At the same time, that’s the issue. There looks to be almost too many callbacks to the original. Part of Disney’s recent charm in Cinderella or The Jungle Book, was their ability to wander off the beaten path. While it may not be much, having the Prince and Cinderella gain a few extra scenes together, was vital and exciting. If they start to deviate too much from what works, it could hurt their future. Specially considering there are another 10 live-action “reboots”already int he works.

Regardless, you can rest assured everyone and their mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, etc. will be lining up to see Beauty and the Beast, starting March 17th. I’ll be there tossing money at the screen as well.

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