Kurt Russell Puts His Beard Skills To Good Use In This ‘Christmas Chronicles’ Trailer

Christmas Chronicles
Image Courtesy of Netflix

This week is full of strange, unexpected surprises. James Gunn may be making a DC Comics film. Dwayne Johnson for certain is playing John Henry. What other weirdness lies ahead? How about Kurt Russell playing the role his beard was destined to be shackled with? That’s right, ole blue eyes is Santa Claus in a Netflix Original film. There’s even a trailer to prove it.

At this point I feel like confessing that I have seen way way way too many Christmas movies. Not just in my lifetime, but within the last handful of years. The Christmas Chronicles? It looks like more of what’s being tossed out. That’s neither good, nor bad. After all, this one has Kurt Russell and a glorious beard.

The story itself seems kind of basic. All Christmasy films kinda follow one path or another. People are trying to capture Santa or verify he’s real. Or something happens to Santa and another needs to take his place. In The Christmas Chronicles, some kids want to prove that Santa Claus really exists. Bam. They succeed and a bunch of shenanigans are gotten into. Harmless fun abounds. What sets the trailer apart is the musical component, Russell himself and then confusingly, there’s some CGI elves. Not sure how that decision was reached, but it really really stands out.

If there’s one element The Christmas Chronicles wants you to be aware of, it’s that Christopher Columbus produced this thing. The poster makes a point of this, the trailer starts with it, yet it’s hard to discern his involvement. The director of the film? Clay Kaytis. If that doesn’t ring any bells, that’s ok, he only has The Angry Birds Movie under his belt. I guess that accounts for the elves then.

Listen, holiday fare is a dime a dozen, at least most people can watch this flick with their kids. It’s never too early to introduce a new generation to the magic and majesty that is Kurt Russell. Plan on gathering around the TV after a hearty meal, as this one lands on Netflix Thanksgiving day, November 22nd. Till then, here’s the poster to tide you over.

Christmas Chronicles
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