Jorma Taccone Of The Lonely Island Gives Update On Their Fyre Festival Spoof With Seth Rogen

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At the moment there seems to be a high demand for all content Fyre Festival related. Two dueling documentaries were released on the same week on competing streaming services. The one problem (outside the ethical nature of those other docs) was that there wasn’t also a third feature, exclusively centering on Ja Rule’s involvement.

Back in 2017, as social media was learning about the catastrophe, Seth Rogen tweeted that he was working on a similar movie idea. A project that just so happened to be with the comedy group The Lonely Island.

The Lonely Island then even joked about filing a lawsuit for stealing the concept. It surely wouldn’t have been the only lawsuit filed against Billy McFarland.

During a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island was asked for any updates on the film. Taccone confirms that the writers are concocting a feature-length spoof of the Fyre Festival. “I don’t want to divulge all the details but we’re figuring it out right now.” The concept is similar to the group’s Justin Bieber spoof, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. While Popstar didn’t exactly set the box office ablaze in 2016, it eventually found a cult following. A Fyre Fest spoof though, could capture the general public’s attention.

Taccone was asked about one particular detail, involving the one true superstar of Netflix’s Fyre doc. Andy King, the man prepared to do anything for some Evian water, might be asked to participate in the film. “I was like, I would hire that dude for anything… Hire that dude!” Taccone says. “That guy is a champion.”

There is no release date, no title, slated at this time. Most importantly, we don’t even know if Ja Rule is involved! As Fyre Festival content is in high demand, at the moment, we should know more soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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