The Big Guy Absolutely Eviscerates A Few Baddies In This Red Bad Trailer For ‘Hellboy’

Image Courtesy of Lionsgate

Whenever a remake comes about, concerning a comic-book property, there’s usually a legion of fans to be found, clamoring for things to take a “darker, grittier” approach than that before. Often this means they want more swearing and bloodshed. Snatching up the oh-so-coveted R-rating in the process. Filmmakers that follow through on giving them what they want, sometimes end up facing a few drawbacks in the process. You’ve already seen one Hellboy trailer so far, but today we have one that includes many of those elements listed above. See how you feel about those additions, by watching the video below.

Now, it should be stated, there’s plenty to like here. The humor’s on-point. Most of the creature design is rather cool. At least in the snippets we see. The needle drop isn’t as overwhelming this time. That said, there’s something off about it all. For one, Hellboy’s face takes some getting used to. Also, it may be due to a smaller budget (compared to the del Toro outings), but the effects look unfinished or shoddy. The only concern is that this rears its head when the blood is flowing. That works in a “cutscene on the big screen” vibe, yet not sure how it plays out in the context of the film. This is supposed “what the fans want”,so if they’re pleased, maybe it’s ok?  Still, this is a Neil Marshall joint, with David Harbour clearly having a ball, so optimism remains high. For the moment, that is.

What did you think, dear reader? Does this quench your thirst for bloodlust? Is an R rating enough to get you excited about this reboot? How big of a fan are you of the previous two films? Sound off in the comments below. Hellboy hacks and slashes its way into theaters on April 12, in the middle of an overcrowded month. We’re eagerly waiting to see if it dominates the competition. Though, with a flaming sword and massive horns, you wouldn’t exactly want to get in the way of big red. We’re buying a ticket, just to be safe.

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