Game of Thrones Reunions and a Bombshell: Season 8 Episode 1 Recap

It’s been almost two years since the Game of Thrones has made its way into almost every household, and finally the wait is over. The final season premiere was packed full of revelations and reunions that fans have been waiting years to see. With only six episodes in this season, they can’t mess around and that was evident when the biggest reveal of the season was told to Jon Snow about his lineage. We can expect every episode to be exciting this season but let’s break down some of what we all witnessed in the season premiere. 

In celebration of the series finale premiere, it’s seems everyone got a long awaited reunion. Jon and Sam, Jon and Arya, Arya and Gendry, Tyrion and Sansa and creepy ominous Bran and Jamie Lannister who haven’t seen each other since Jamie pushed him out of a tower in the first episode. Season seven ended with the Night King and his army and an ice breathing dragon busting through the wall and heading south. This is the beginning of what will be the most epic battle in the entire series and one that has loomed over the characters since episode one, whether they knew it or not. In the mean time there are still two queens fighting for power, Jon Snow trying to get everyone to just get along and Bran seemingly showing up EVERYWHERE! Seriously, someone needs to put a bell on that kid. 

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The beginning of the end in episode one of season eight. Shows an impressive army of the Unsullied and Dothraki marching into Winterfell. Bringing with them Jon Snow, Daenerys, two dragons and Tyrion and crew. Sansa and Arya Stark are not totally on board with how Jon got Dany to Winterfell and of course the Northmen are not happy. Jon Snow giving up his crown was not what any of them signed up for but as Snow told Sansa. “I did what I had to do to get her army here. We will not win without them.” Jon tries to find an ally in Arya joking about Sansa not liking Daenerys, which Arya replies, “ Sansa is the smartest person I know.” Making it clear that neither her nor Sansa like the idea of a Targaryen coming in and taking over. Which leaves Jon to fend for his queen by himself.

Tyrion and Sansa reminisce over the good ol’ days of being wed in King’s Landing. Tyrion not so thrilled about her leaving after Joffrey’s murder making him look guilty, but doesn’t hate her for it. Sansa now stronger and more confident than ever tells Tyrion she thought he was the smartest man she had ever known. But all that went out the window when he believed that Cersei would send her troops. A confident Tyrion now looking concerned believes that Sansa has a point.

The long awaited dragon ride finally takes place. Dany gives Jon permission to jump aboard Rhaegal and take a less than graceful ride with her. They land near a waterfall where Dany says, “We could live here for a thousand years and no one would would know.” Which could possibly be some unfortunate foreshadowing but only time will tell. An uncomfortable scene takes place as the two of them stand next to the waterfall and share a kiss Jon locks eyes with Drogon. It’s hard to tell whether or not the dragons are cool with the idea of a possible stepdad. 

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As Dany tries to make herself comfortable in the North there are a few hiccups that stand in her way. She wants to meet the man that saved her beloved Jorah. The meeting starts out with all praises until Dany figures out who Sam is and admits that she roasted his father and brother with her dragons because they refused to bend the knee. It’s interesting to see Sam so upset about this news considering his family basically disowned him. After hearing that news it wasn’t hard to find Jon and tell him the news that will inevitably change everything. Queue the the bombshell. Sam finds Jon and the reunion was a sweet one. That is until Sam told him the news about his father and brother’s demise and the tiny little fact that Jon was the rightful heir to the throne. As expected it was incredibly hard for Jon to take coming from his most trusted friend. So hard in fact that it hasn’t quite set in that he in fact is in love with his aunt. Now the moment of truth, will Jon say anything to Dany? If he does how will she take the news? Let’s not forget that she is the daughter of the Mad King. As Sam put it, “ You gave up your crown to save your people. Would she do the same?”

Meanwhile in the south things are heating up. Euron Greyjoy is done waiting to take what he believes is his. He confronts Cersei about her intentions. He wants the queen and she is pissed because she thought she was going to get elephants. He isn’t going to take no for an answer as far as getting his time in the bedroom with her. She finally obliges and it seems his arrogance is a turn for her (shocker). In the meantime Theon Greyjoy makes his move to rescue his sister. He and a few men take out about 10 of Euron’s men and he reunites with his sister Yara. She promptly punches him right in the face, which let’s be honest, he had it coming. Yara wants to head back to the iron island to be a safe haven for Dany and company if things take a turn for the worst but Theon wants to fight beside Jon. She tells him he should go if that’s what he feels is necessary. Theon is starting to redeem himself but what is the reunion with Bran going to be like if he does show up to Winterfell? Only Bran knows at this point.

Qyburn, right hand to Cersei makes Bronn an offer to take out both Tyrion and Jamie, the “treasonous brothers”. It’s unclear if Cersei knows anything about this plot but her anger and murderous ways know no bounds. Bronn is friends with both of them but he also likes money so we will see how that turns out.

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Jamie as set forth to the north against Cersei’s wishes because he gave his word to fight along side Jon And Daenerys against the Night King. As he arrives in Winterfell hidden by a cloak and hood he is greeted by none other than Bran himself. Bran who has been waiting on Jamie to arrive, because as he likes to remind everyone all of the time, he can see everything. He is ready to confront the man responsible for putting him in the wheelchair. The look on Jaime’s face is priceless. Not only will he have to answer for what he did to Bran but also killing Dany’s father and the fact that Cersei straight up lied about sending their troops. Hopefully for Jaime’s sake Tyrion can work some magic and keep him alive.

Finally Tormund, Beric and the gang meet up with Dolorous Edd and his men at an abandoned Castle Umber. It looks like it has been ransacked and that the undead have been there. Upon investigation they come across a truly gruesome discovery. Little Ned Umber who was sent by Sanse Stark to gather his men, impaled to the wall with a spiral of severed arms around him. As they are trying to figure out what they are actually looking at, Ned’s eyes turn blue and he starts screaming which promptly gets him set on fire. It was truly a jump scare that we are not used to getting from the series. The Night King and his army are moving fast and it won’t  be long until they reach Winterfell.

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With only six episodes in this season Game of Thrones isn’t giving its fans time to breathe. It’s going to be a wild ride and unfortunately that means we are going to have to say goodbye to some of our favorite characters whether we want to or not.  But we can ‘t wait to see how it all plays out leading up to the final battle between the living and the dead.

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