Let Captain Sparkle Fingers Thrill You With His Powers, In The New ‘Shazam’ Trailer

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros./ DC Comics

When DC first kicked off their current run of theatrical offerings, they did so on a note of doom and gloom. Thankfully, after a couple failed outings, the recent films have seemed to turn over a new leaf. Or at least let a bit of sunshine and campiness into the proceedings. After the one-two cosmic punch of the awesomely glorious Wonder Woman and the zany wackiness of Aquaman. The world is ready for a superhero who captures both a childlike sense of wonder and “aww shucks” attitude. Which is to say that we’re very excited for Shazam. And wouldn’t you know it, we just happen to have what it likely to be the last trailer for the film. Have yourself a look.

Seriously, with each new trailer we get (regardless of how much is recycled footage) this film looks more and more fun. It also appears to be a case where the parent company is more than happy to make fun of its past. Specially as it concerns big blockbuster film’s desire to relentlessly cash-in on merchandising opportunities. The “get him, Batman!” bit is gleefully silly, but seems to hit home at Shazam‘s main focus: to plaster a giant smile on everyone’s face. A notion that’s easy to get behind.

What do you all think of the trailer? Are you sold on all things Shazam related? Do you have your fingers crossed for a superhero cameo or two? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments. We’re about to wade knee-deep into comic season in just a few weeks (April is packed to the gills), but this one firmly has our attention. Make sure to check out the “other” Captain Marvel*, when Shazam zooms into theaters, on April 5.


*- Trust us, just Google it.

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