Feast Your Eyes on a Joker / Harley Quinn Deleted Scene From “Suicide Squad”

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Suicide Squad‘s extended edition came out today, November 15 on digital stores.  This special release contains 13 minutes of footage not seen in the previous theatrical version.  Now, Entertainment Weekly has posted one of the deleted scenes, showing Harley Quinn (before her transformation) chasing down The Joker on a motorcycle. Check out a teaser of the new footage below or the full clip over at Entertainment Weekly.

Suicide Squad‘s  Blu-ray and DVD extended editions will be released on December 13.

According to Jared Leto, the number of Joker scenes cut from Suicide Squad‘s theatrical version amounted to more than enough to fill an entire Joker movie.

I think that I brought so much to the table in every scene, it was probably more about filtering all of the insanity,” Leto said in an interview earlier this year. “Because I wanted to give a lot of options, and I think there’s probably enough footage in this film for a Joker movie.”

Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie added that she and Leto filmed quite a few flashback sequences for Harley and Joker, with this clip being one of them.  While the backstory sequences were moving, according to Robbie, they did not help to push the story forward and more than likely would have “confused” the present-day storyline.SUICIDE SQUADCritics might not have loved Suicide Squad, but it made over $739 million at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo.  Naturally, a sequel is believed to be in the works.

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