‘Avengers: Endgame’ Won’t Close Phase 3 Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Will

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With Avengers: Endgame literally just days (or hours, depending on what matter to you) away, everyone’s anticipation levels are sky high. That’s understandable. To be honest, we’d be worried if you weren’t in that camp. As it hits theaters, it will fittingly put a cap on this chapter of the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or so we naturally though. Turns out that honor belongs to one web-swinging hero: your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. That’s right, Far From Home, opening this summer, will be the last installment. Not with Endgame, as most wuld have assumed.

More than a few fans had speculated this may be the case, but as with all things Marvel related, it takes two non-actor confirmations to make a thing go right. One, if the person in question is Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Newsweek spotted a video of Feige at an Endgame fan event in Shanghai, where he revealed the news. “It’s the end of the third phase,” he said, before nothing this was the first time that had been publicly stated. Getting that much out of Feige is a big deal, as he’s usually tight lipped. This shouldn’t come as a giant surprise though. After all, way back in Summer 2017, Spider-Man Producer Amy Pascal let the spoiler slip. “We are starting now the next one [Far From Home],” Pascal started in an interview with Fandom, “which will start a few minutes after Avengers 4 wraps as a story.”

While Endgame isn’t the full “end” of this Phase, imagine Far From Home as something of an epilogue. That’s what Ant-Man was, coming out right after Age of Ultron. Maybe there’s something to having a lighter film follow team-up outings. A nice palate cleaner, to usher in whatever the next big story arc is. Black Widow, Eternals, and Shang-Chi are the next films up. Toss in a Doctor Strange, Black Panther and possibly a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel too. Who’s the big bad? What’s the next threat that brings everone together? There’s no telling, but with where it’s now slated, the mid-credit sequence for the next Spider-Man might have some answers. If another certain movie doesn’t beat it to the punch. Avengers: Endgame opens April 26, while Spider-Man: Far From Home opens now on July 2. We’d say to remember those dates, but you likely already requested work off.

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