‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Lops Off A Few Heads & Casually Drops A Few F-Bombs, In This New Restricted Trailer

The Dead Don't Die
Image Courtesy of Focus Features

It feels like something of a gift, to be getting a new Jim Jarmusch film in 2019. One that literally just had it’s premiere at Cannes, for that matter. Or that it’s a Zombie Comedy. Or that it features an absolutely fantastic cast. Whatever it is that has you excited about The Dead Don’t Die, there’s a new trailer out, to help raise hype levels by a head or so. Fair warning, this is a “restricted” trailer, meaning nothing is sacred. Should language or violence or Adam Driver not be your cup of tea, look away.

What’s great about The Dead Don’t Die, is that Jarmusch once again appears to be throwing caution to the wind, as to what genres he won’t work in. To date he’s made a Western (Dead Man), a Vampire flick (Only Lovers Left Alive) and a “Samurai” gangster movie (Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai). When most other directors attempt to stay in their lane, later in their careers, he’s constantly branching out, while retaining his unique voice. Meaning that tackling a zombie film isn’t totally out there.

Now, the early reports out of Cannes are a little mixed, so far. The main divisive point being that the film is a little more low-key than expected. Running though the traditional Jarmusch trappings, which most people might not be tuned into. It’s also been labeled as lackadaisical, so fingers are crossed it’s not a total disaster. At worst, it may be best to temper expectations, when going in. That could prove difficult, with a cast that boasts the likes of Adam Driver, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevigny, Selena Gomez, as well as musical luminaries Iggy Pop and Tom Waits.

We’ll see what The Dead Don’t Die adds up to, when it shambles into theaters on June 14. Expect a review on this site, well before that. Possibly even sooner than you’d think.

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