Daniel Craig Says He’d Be Back for Bond

Despite the speculation that we might have seen the last of Daniel Craig  in the iconic role of James Bond, the actor had not yet commented on his future as 007, until now.  At long last, Craig has finally stated that he would in fact still be up for more Bond films.




Reported by Vulture, the star was questioned about Bond while attending the New Yorker Festival this weekend.  “As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got the best job in the world,”  he said.  “I’ll keep doing it as long as I still get a kick out of it.”

Craig also addressed the comments he made last year while promoting Spectre, when he said that he would rather “slash my wrists” than play Agent 007 again. “They say that s**t sticks, and that definitely stuck,” Craig stated. “It was the day after filming [stopped on Spectre]. I’d been away from home for a year.”




It’s a good gig. I enjoy it. If I were to stop doing it, I would miss it terribly.


Last month it was rumored that the star had been offered a cool $150 million to play the iconic secret agent for another two films, which would be shot back-to-back.

A number of names have been rumored as possible replacements for Craig over the past few months, including Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, and Tom Hiddleston.


In similar news, Director Sam Mendes quit the franchise earlier this year having helmed Spectre and its predecessor Skyfall.


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