Chris Pratt Set To Star In Sci-Fi Flick ‘Ghost Draft’ For Skydance

Guardians Ghost Draft
Image Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Apparently Chris Pratt likes to stay busy. When he’s not getting engaged, sharing dieting tips, defending questionable views of the church he belongs to, saying “off the chain” or starring in some of the biggest films of the year, he likes lining up further projects so he can never sleep. All of that was just in the last two weeks. So it comes as no surprise Variety broke the news that Pratt is in negotiations to lead the new potential tent-pole picture, Ghost Draft.

The film, which is set to be directed by Chris McKay (The Lego Batman Movie) is described loosely as a grounded science fiction film, centering on “a husband and father is drafted to fight a future war in which the fate of humanity may rely on his ability to correct issues of the past.” That seems to give the impression that time travel or precognition could play into things. Although, neither exactly fit the “grounded” aspect. Maybe he just has a particular skill set that helps. All that matters is that production is now being fast tracked, with a shooting date set around the summer. Possibly in order to get this on screens by end of 2020, start of 2021.

Strangely, this one’s been on the back burner for years. In 2015, that Zach Dean (Deadfall) initially struck a deal with Skydance to make the film, with David Goyer and Adam Kolbrenner set to produce. No indication as to what made it bigger priority, all of a sudden. Skydance has traditionally worked with Paramount in the past, so that may ultimately be where this lands. If they had a gaping hole in their release schedule, it would explain things moving quickly here.

Not much else is know about Ghost Draft at this time. If they really do want to move fast on it, we should see a flurry of more news, very soon. One thing is for certain, with Pratt in this, he’s definitely not joining Dune. So at least that’s one big name being kept from that. The second more news hits on this, we’ll put out another article. Keep your eyes peeled.

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