Something Isn’t Right in Zedmart: Try Out the ‘Child’s Play’ VR Experience

Child's Play
Credit: Orion Pictures

Yesterday we found out a Chucky VR experience was on it’s way and well…It’s time to play!

The Child’s Play VR Experience is now available online! Experience Chucky like never before, and immerse yourself in the terrifying world Child’s Play. Try it now on your mobile device, desktop, and most VR headsets But you’ve been warned, your friend till the end could be lurking anywhere.

You are met by a Kaslan drone and a creepy shopping cart that just rolls down an aisle of Zedmart out of no where. Along with a soundtrack and the laughter of Chucky before you realize something isn’t quite right. Check out the VR experience for yourself and look around Zedmart to find clues. The experience clocks in at just over 4 minutes long. Go full screen, turn out the lights and turn up the volume.


When you are done checking out the VR experience don’t forget to visit your best friends website for some additional fun.

Credit: Orion Pictures
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