Billy Eichner & Nicholas Stoller Are Teaming Up For A New Romantic Comedy

Billy Eichner
Image Courtesy of Hulu

Billy Eichner has been seemingly everywhere and nowhere in the past decade. He’s popped up in supporting roles in a few movies and TV shows. He’s even been the main star of a tv show, too. Yet it’s never really felt like he had a “big” thing to call his own. Sure, he has the Emmy nominated Billy On The Street, which is very funny, but it felt like he should be bigger by now. At least theatrically speaking. Enter a big name producer and comedy director to help make that happen. Deadline is reporting that Eichner’s stepping up his game and going to write and star in a romantic comedy. One that just so happens to see him teaming up with Nicholas Stoller and Judd Apatow.

The exact specifics of the movie are being closely guarded, but a small logline in the above story says it will “center around two men who have commitment problems and are attempting a relationship.” That about as simple as things come, yet considering the talent involved, leads to tons of possibilities. Apatow has an eye for talent, so his jumping onto the train and throwing money at the production bodes well. The team up of Eichner and Stoller though, is the main attraction here. They’ve worked together twice before recently. Eichner had a small part in the Stoller directed Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. He plays a considerably bigger role, in the second series of Friends From College, which Stoller and his wife Francesca Delbanco co-created for Netflix. That indicates there’s familiarity and a good working relationship between the two, which would make for a potent pairing on the big screen.

All signs point to this being a big movie not to miss when it comes out. On the page the plot may sound just average, but the voices behind it are what make it special. Not to mention it’s going to be a big major release. Films like this with Eichner’s voice behind it, used to be relegated to indie releases. So that’s a good reason to be excited by this prospect. Again, as this is very early goings there’s nothing more to the news than that this exists. As romantic comedies aren’t the more difficult of productions (*pleasedontjinxitpleasedontjinxit*), it should be getting underway very soon. Once more information or casting or plot details become available, we’ll update you right away. In the meantime, while you wait, be sure to checkout the underrated show, Difficult People, co-starring Eichner on Hulu.

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