Bateman and True Detective is a Match Made in Crime Drama Heaven

I think it is safe to say that every single one of us has that one show that is our all time favorite. That series that we can watch from start to finish over and over again. Over the years I have had lots of favorites, From JJ Abrams’ LOST, to Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad and so many others. But when HBO rolled out the teaser for the first season of Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective, I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t have imagined how great the show would actually be though. In my opinion True Detective season one is a masterpiece and hands down my favorite series.

This show is brilliant first and foremost because of the incredible writing. It’s rumored that it took Pizzolatto seven years to write it and it shows. Maybe that’s why the execs at HBO were so apologetic about forcing him to write season two in a year. Secondly, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are incredible. I literally hung on every word they spoke, especially McConaughey. He undoubtedly played one of the best tortured souls who’s philosophical outlook on life would make anyone question their own existence. What I loved most about these two, in these roles, was how unexpected it was. I mean I love them both and I had seen McConaughey in Killer Joe a few years back and can I just say, YIKES! But it wasn’t surprising that these two excelled in this series. They are both great actors.

My favorite show of the summer this year is definitely Netflix’s OZARK. Everything about this show is great. It has filled a void in me that I didn’t know existed. But, it’s hard to talk about that show without mentioning how amazing Jason Bateman is as Marty Byrd. I may be biased because I am a huge fan, but he seriously kills this role. What is it about Jason Bateman that makes him so great in this role? I have always thought of him as a genuine actor. Who he is on screen is quite possibly who he is in real life. His delivery, mannerisms, tone, everything makes him so relatable. I believe him when he is stressed, pissed off or scared. I actually feel the emotions when I am watching Marty (Bateman) calculate his way through some seriously fucked up situations in OZARK. His sarcastic nature makes you want to laugh when you want to cry. It also makes him seem very ruthless and brutal at times.

Everyone in this show is great. The story is amazing the location is fantastic and getting some much deserved love. I believe we are in for a great ride for hopefully more seasons to come. After binging my way through season one I was left feeling alone and sad and wanting more. And then it hit me, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Which is why I am writing this, and brings me to my proposal for the the HBO gods and Nic Pizzolatto. Please cast Jason Bateman in the next season of True Detective! I think we all need and want this badly. The brilliant acting of Jason Bateman in a serious role paired with Pizzolatto’s genius can only mean perfection yet again. I think it’s a brilliant idea. And what could it hurt? After True Detective’s season two flop we are left wondering if they can make a come back. I don’t believe that he could have the same effect as Matthew McConaughey but he can definitely bring is own masterful acting to the screen. I can’t even begin to imagine what season three of True Detective will look like but I know Jason Bateman should be a part of it.

Maybe I should just leave this all alone. After all OZARK in it’s own way is a True Detective series or even a Breaking Bad and it stands alone just fine. But it’s hard to not want to see great actors being cast in a fantastic shows. Either way I have a feeling we will get more OZARK and in the future we will get anther season of True Detective. It’s just a matter of when. Until then I will just sit here and day dream about my perfect match and hope that someone out there is listening.

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