“Live a Weekend Without Limits” and Experience ‘Westworld’ at SXSW 2018


Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, HBO hosted WESTWORLD: THE EXPERIENCE, an immersive activation that let guests visit the offices of Delos, Inc. It was ultra exclusive to the first 75 people that were lucky enough to punch their ticket and explore Westworld. The activation had fans camping out in the lobby of a hotel where each morning at 6:00 AM you could claim your ticket. It became a hot ticket event.

HBO just raised the stakes when it comes to immersive activations. We have seen some very impressive activations in the last few years including an amazing BLADE RUNNER 2049 experience at San Diego Comic-Con last year.

Brands and entertainment properties continue to find new ways to engage their fans and produce meaningful experiences. These have a proven track record of making more of an impact than standard advertising and media buys. Even if you can’t attend the event footage from the activation and the buzz surrounding them carry weight and value long after the activation has been taken down.

So what can we expect from HBO at SXSW? They are upping the ante by building the entire town of Sweetwater. Wait, for real!? HBO is calling it “Live Without Limits Weekend.” Experience the first vacation destination where you can live without limits. Westworld is a meticulously crafted and artfully designed park offering an unparalleled, immersive world where you have the freedom to become who you’ve always wanted to be—or who you never knew you were. Exist free of rules, laws or judgment. No impulse is taboo.

The experience will run from March 9th through the 11th, serving as part of HBO’s marketing kickoff for WESTWORLD’s second season. Tickets have ALREADY sold out to the 3-day event.

Learn more at DiscoverWestworld.com 

“For a limited time only, adventure to Westworld—in the real American West. Meticulously crafted and artfully designed, our roadshow experience offers an unparalleled, immersive world where you have the freedom to become who you’ve always wanted to be or who you never knew you were.

Your Westworld experience will begin in Austin at the EastSide Tavern. Here you can enjoy award-winning cocktails and premium dining before boarding your transport to Sweetwater. It is time to escape reality.
What are you waiting for?

Live Without Limits Weekend is an exclusive experience for SXSW attendees, from the minds of Delos. Attendees must be aged 21 or over.”

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