SDCC 2018: James McAvoy Will Portray 21 Different Personalities in ‘Glass’

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Glass arrives in theaters on January 18, 2019, exactly three years after the movie for which it’s a sequel, Split, opened to huge success.  Will writer-producer-director M. Night Shyamalan be able to surprise us again?  I don’t know, but after watching the new trailer, I can’t wait to give him a try!  Watch for yourself… what do you think?

During the panel for ‘Glass’ at Comic-Con M. Night gave some inside on how the universe came together starting with ‘Unbreakable’ and then moving on to ‘Split.’

“I had written ‘Split’ and James McAvoy grabbed me at a party (at Comic-Con) and we said we loved each other’s stuff. So ‘Split’ was actually created here at Comic-Con.” He would go on to cast McAvoy at “The Beast” in ‘Split.’ said Shyamalan.

The director also gave some insight on what to expect from “The Beast” in ‘Glass.’ Apparently at this point and time McAvoy has created 21 different personality types for “The Beast.” Not all of them will end up in the film but nevertheless that is impressive and quite an exercise for an actor to take on.

Anna Taylor Joy was asked where she found the inner strength as an actress to play off of James as “The Beast” when she encountered his mind games in ‘Split.’ 

“I don”t know exactly, but Casey is amazing and implies the traits that I aspire to be like. It was amazing to be able to come back and play her again in ‘Glass.'”

The man himself, Samuel L. Jackson, brings back a character that has been absent from the universe since it kicked off with ‘Unbreakable.’ Now he gets to reprise the character in his own film. Jackson reflected on the character during the panel.

“I love the complexity of Elijah. He is an extremely strong character that has a fragile body. He has a belief that is strong and no one can take that away from him.” said Jackson.

Check out the new trailer that debuted during Comic-Con and then see it in theaters January 2019. 

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