Kansas City: Alamo Drafthouse & Screenland Theaters Have Your October Planned Out!

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It’s the first weekend in October, so you know what that means: people everywhere are starting to watch horror movies non-stop. No admittedly there are a number of people who already do this on a daily basis (most of us here fall into that set), but now is when the average lookie-loos get in on the act too. Thankfully, if you live in the Kansas City area (where we are based), there are a few places that can help you out! Take a look below at some wonderful offerings at a couple of the best specialty theaters in the area.

Image Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet

If you aren’t familiar with the Alamo Drafthouse, shame on you. Not only are they one of the premiere theater venues to offer all kinds of specialty screenings, but we have one here in Kansas City. Needless to say, their line-up is rather varied:

10/7  IT Part 1 (2017) All Clown Screening*

10/10 Film Club: Perfume – The Story Of A Murderer

10/13 Fist City: Tremors

10/14 Donnie Darko (Theatrical Cut) in 35mm

10/15 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

10/16 Terror Tuesday: Halloween (40th Anniversary Screening)

10/17 Little Shop of Horrors Movie Party

10/20 Dismember The Alamo Marathon

10/21 Champagne Cinema: Practical Magic Movie Party

10/22 The Shining Movie Party

10/23 Terror Tuesday: The Shining

10/24 Film Club: Shadow of the Vampire

10/25 Video Vortex: Howl-O-Ween Horror Mixtape!

10/27 Nosferatu/Phantom of the Opera (w/ Live Scores by Invisible Czars)

10/28 Free Victory Screening: Strait-Jacket

10/30 Terror Tuesday: Halloween 4 – The Return of Michael Myers (30th Anniversary Screening)

10/31 Advance Screening: Suspiria (2018)

10/31 Beetlejuice Movie Party (w/ Tim Burton Ball in The Chesterfield)

For full showtimes and ticket prices, be sure to check here.

*All attendees must be dressed as a clown to be granted admittance.


Image Courtesy of Screenland Theaters

Not to be outdone locally owned Screeland Theaters has a huge selection of movies at their Armour and Tapcade locations. The event is dubbed SHOCKTOBER and should not be missed!

Image Courtesy of Screenland Theaters

10/5 Tapcade – Fright Night (1985)

10/6 Armour – Candyman

Tapcade – Idle Hands

10/7 Armour – Walking Dead Season Premiere

10/8 Tapcade – Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

10/10 Armour – Near Dark

10/11 Armour – Changeling 4k

10/12 Armour – Interview with a Vampire

Tapcade – Ringu

10/13 Armour – Bram Stoker’s Dracula/Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tapcade – The Fly (1986)

10/14 Armour – VHS Night

10/15 Armour – Nosferatu (1922)

Tapcade – Mystery Movie & Podcast with The Nerds Of Nostalgia: Oddly 80’s Horror

10/16 Armour – Horror Roulette: Sequels

10/18 Armour – Halloween (2018) Premiere Party

10/19 Tapcade – Nerd-O-Ween Triple Feature

10/21 Armour – Frankenstein (1931)

10/22 Tapcade – Carnival of Souls

10/23 Armour – Horror Roulette: Sci-Fi Horror

10/24 Tapcade – Pet Sematary

10/25 Armour – Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

10/26 Armour – Monster Squad

Tapcade – Zombie 3

10/27 Armour – Bubba Ho-Tep 4k

10/28 Armour – Scream 2: 20th Anniversray

Tapcade – Brunch & Movie: The Craft

10/29 Armour – Are You Afraid of the Dark? Marathon

10/30 Armour – Horror Roulette: Staff Picks

10/31 Armour – Halloween (1978) 4k

For full showtimes and ticket prices to the Screenland events, be sure to check here.


There’s sure to be something in either line-up to fill your horror needs for the month. Also, make sure to purchase your tickets early, as many screening are filling up quickly! Heading to any of the events? Let us know in the comments down below. Hope to see you all at some of these!

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