E3 2018: Nintendo Unleashes ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Upon The Masses, Destroying Ocular Cavities Everywhere

Super Smash

If you tuned in to, or were curious about Nintendo’s Press Conference earlier today at E3, you probably had one though on your mind “Show us the new Smash Bros!”

Well, in a shrewd, overwhelming, terrifying, overloading, amazing, bombastic move the house Mario built dropped a ton of bricks upon everyone on the planet. For 25-ish straights minutes (yes, you read that right) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ruled the conference, unloading characters, stages, specials, etc. That etc is there to help me maintain sanity I lost by minute 11.

If you have the time and intestinal fortitude, behold all the characters and battling and nonsense imaginable, or that you can handle, below:

Let’s attempt to sort through some of the madness, shall we?

Every character to ever appear in a Super Smash game is on this roster. All of them. The roster will start out initially with a base that’s the same size as the N64 iteration. Through unlocking by playing against friends and a single player campaign (and probably, definitely Amiibos) the final total will be in the mid-60s.

Wanted to battle Solid Snake against the likes of Cloud or Pac Man? Done! Love Animal Crossing? You have 8 villager models to choose from. Wanted to play as a female Pokemon Trainer? Have at it. Content to stay with old stalwarts like Kirby? Well, he’s now got copy abilities for every single fighter.

Oh, did we forget to mention that the costume game is off the hook? It feels like there are endless variations to every person on the roster. The sheer amount of work put into this game (and the presentation) is utterly insane.

On top of all this Nintendo focused on the staggering amount of tweaks and finessing they did for Ultimate. Specials are bigger and badder. Air dodge has been improved. Fake item balls appear on the map, which are really bombs and will alter matches in mere seconds.

In a day and age where people bemoan games being overpriced for the content inside, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stands as big achievement before it’s even released. That’s impressive and Nintendo knows it. On December 7th, we’ll see exactly how well they pull all this off.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
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