Wishing Kane Hodder a Very Happy 64th Birthday Today

Death House
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Kane Hodder is a name that is well established among horror fans, and honestly needs no introduction. Chances are if you’re a slasher fan you already know who this major badass is.

Kane Hodder Did the Unthinkable

There had already been a lot of actors who defined some of our most celebrated horror icons. It’s no secret that Kane Hodder wasn’t expected to add anything new to the role of Jason. I mean come on, it’s not as if he was even the first actor to play the role. What can you really bring to a masked and silent serial killer? Well, Kane did the unthinkable. Unlike any one else who’s ever played a similar role, Kane Hodder put the hockey mask on and fans saw him literally become Jason. The two became inseparable and Kane brought personality to a vicious monster and increased the serious’ fandom tenfold.

That’s not to say other Jason actors were no good. But Kane gave the character signature moves and a new level of lethality that was simply unmatched by any other, and remains so to this very day.

Jason Never Dies

Even though the future of the Friday the 13th movies are very uncertain, the franchise manages to live on in an enormous way. And once again, Kane Hodder is to thank for this. Gamers everywhere were given the chance to enter the haunted grounds of Camp Crystal Lake for a chance to survive the murderous rampage of our favorite slasher icon. Or, gamers had the lucky fortune to step behind the scuffed-up mask and be the killer. At long last we were given the chance to see the world through Kane’s eyes.

Kane Hodder
Image courtesy of To Hell and Back/ Masterfully Macabre Entertainment

Yup, Kane Hodder came aboard and lent his skills to bringing Jason back to our lives and is part of the success of Friday the 13th The Game, something I admit I’m a little addicted to. Signature kills, familiar locations from throughout the franchise, and way too many ways to massacre unsuspecting campers. This is our chance to live our favorite slasher series!

Kane Hodder has also made a name for himself in the recent Hatchet franchise which is a throwback to some of our favorite slasher films of yesteryear. Not only that, but Kane Hodder stars in a daring documentary called To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story. Still can’t wait to see that.

Also, there is this little project out there called Death House that has us all itching to see! Kane will be met with other equally adored names and faces of horror’s finest and we can’t wait!

He’s also good to the fans. You probably will get a chance to meet him face to face if you ever attend your local horror convention. Each time I’ve met him he’s also been a riot to talk to and joke around with.

So, Happy 64th Birthday, Kane! We love you and wish you many more!

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