Could the New ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Footage Hint at Who Negan Will Kill?

Last month at San Diego Comic-Con we got our first bat shit crazy look at season 7 of The Walking Dead. As we all know season 6 left us with a quite a cliffhanger that included Negan about to play tee ball with someone’s head with his beloved Lucille (his bat ya dum) But the Comic-Con trailer gave us  A LOT of action to chew on beyond the big reveal of who Negan kills.

While the new clip doesn’t give us anything exciting to look at other than an off camera curb stomp on a rotten corpse, it does offer up one possible major bit of information. At the end of the clip when Dwight stomps a zombies brains out he turns around to reveal he is wearing Daryl iconic angel wing vest. Could this be a major hint as to who Negan killed? Even if it’s not Daryl it certainly will not be a pretty sight to behold. During the Walking Dead panel at SDCC, Andrew Lincoln confirmed that viewers would discover which character has been killed during the premiere episode. “It’s a really s**tty start to the season [for the characters],…”

Guess we’ll just have to wait for Season 7 when it premieres on AMC in October.

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