TNT Releases “Tales From the Crypt” Featurette with M. Night Shymalan

We’ve been hearing about the TNT re-imagining of the cult classic series “Tales From the Crypt” for quite awhile now. Hitting a legal snag with some rights issues it appears to be full steam ahead with the Crypt Keeper in tow.

We now have our first look into the world M. Night Shyamalan has created for the new vision of creepy tales. Slated for 10 episodes and based on the original source material from EC Comics. Check out the featurette teaser below.

M. Night is coming off a successful return to the theater with his recent film “Split” and “The Visit” before that. The new TNT series looks to continue to build on that success.

This will be part of TNT’s new horror programming called “Horror Block.” It will include “Tales From the Crypt”, “Creature” and “Time of Death.” Check out all the goodness below!

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