6 of Stephen King’s Scariest Characters

Stephen King's Mind

The new adaptation of Stephen King’s It introduced a new generation to King’s classic clown character. That made us excited all over again with the performance of Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the clown! He was terrifying!

still_ITSure, clowns are scary, particularly if you suffer from Coulrophobia (look it up), but not any scarier than the regular human beings who inhabit the Stephen King cinematic universe. These are the real life people you encounter everyday, the ones for whom you have no idea what lurks behind the door of their dark minds.

Isn’t what’s real scarier than what’s imagined? We’ll see if you agree after reading our list of six of the scariest Stephen King characters.

6.) Cujo, Cujo (1983)

cujoOK, so he’s not exactly a human, but there’s nothing more real, or scary, than a rabid dog. That’s why he has to be included on this list. Besides, the way some people treat their pets like humans, it’s not that far of a stretch.

5.) James “Big Jim” Rennie: Under the Dome (2013)

under-the-dome-blogrolljpg-b68f091280wjpg-f9f187_1280wFresh off his dynamic performance in Breaking Bad, actor Dean Norris personified “weasely” evil in the TV series based on King’s novel. Sure, he evolved over the course of the show’s unnecessary three seasons, but in the early episodes, he was one nut you wouldn’t want to cross.


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