Rick Grimes Threatens Negan in New Walking Dead Trailer

AMC Networks

It’s been a long few months since AMC left us on the edge of our seats wondering who Negan’s first of what I can only assume will be many victims. We haven’t had a great villain since the Governor left the show in Season 3. There has been mass speculation as to whom Negan introduced to Lucile (his barbed wire bat) at the end of last season. AMC and the producers went as far as filming multiple death scenes with multiple cast members just in case anything leaked on the web.

In the new trailer for the Walking Dead that returns October 23rd on AMC, it leads you to believe Daryl might have been the unfortunate soul to get his head smashed in, referring to Rick’s “Right-hand man” but I’m sure that is just a distraction point they planted to make us think that. Judge for yourself in the trailer below.

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