Looking for a Scary Version Pokemon GO? Then Behold Night Terrors!

It is indisputable that Pokemon GO has changed everything about mobile gaming. nce seen only as a platform for games that were simple time-wasters and momentary distractions from everyday life, mobile apps have had their paradigm forever altered by the venerable cute critters from Japan. Pokemon GO has proven that addictive gameplay can be effectively combined with real-life action and socialization. Thanks to Pokemon GO phones are suddenly being used for what they were originally designed for: interacting with other people? Who would have thought?

Pokemon GO is not software developer Niantec’s first attempt at a game of this kind. Ingress has actually been around far longer, quietly motivating its players to get out and seek virtual objectives in real-life places. Together they prove this gaming genre has something for everyone whether it’s the family-friendly fun of Pokemon GO or an espionage techno-thriller like Ingress.

That’s great, but what about horror fans? Wouldn’t it be great if someone were developing a game that could turn your own living room into a blood-filled haunted house?

Relax. It’s happening. Or better yet, don’t relax, because Night Terrors promises to be really, really scary.


The brainchild of Las Vegas-based firm Novum Analytics, Night Terrors has been in development for some time. Although it has faced setbacks involving funding, the game’s developers are aiming for a October 2016 release to coincide with Halloween. Teaser footage looks impressive with images on phone cameras being manipulated by the app to spawn ghosts and other horrific entities to attack the player. The longer players can flee, the more successful in the game they are.

If it were just a survival horror game to be played while actually running around that would be more than enough, but Night Terrors aims to deliver so much more. The app is said to be able to map the layout of the building the player is in to provide personal scares based on the environment. It also interacts with the player’s phone while running in the background, occasionally sending disturbing text messages or photos. The potential gets exhibited in the game’s official trailer:

“Manipulation is going to be an integral part of Night Terrors,” Novum Analytics have said in a statement. “each step of the way the game will be playing with your mind.. your senses and questioning what’s real and what’s not. Are you ready?”

Watch the Demo Here >

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