Mothra’s Appearance in Godzilla 2 Etched in Stone

Earlier today, the Twitter page for Monarch Sciences, the fictional agency studying giant monsters in Legendary’s “Monsterverse,” posted the following picture with the tweet, “Unlocked: Monarch Classified File #63061 – Temple of the Moth, Yucca Province – E. Russell #MonarchSighting“:

The picture depicts a stone carving of Mothra in the center, wings spread, larvae on either side, and a cocoon above.  Timed to coincide with Legendary’s San Diego Comic Con marketing for the upcoming Godzilla, King of the Monsters, this seems to confirm rumors that Mothra will at least make an appearance in the sequel to 2014’s Godzilla.

The Monarch Twitter page was launched last November in anticipation of the March release of Kong: Skull Island, which is now available on home video.  Similar images to this one appeared in the post-credits scene of that movie, so this photo of Mothra is not a huge surprise.

Nevertheless, it’s awesome!

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