John Carpenter Brings ‘Christine’ Back to Life in New Music Video

With John Carpenter’s new album ‘Anthologies: Movie Themes 1974-1998’ coming out on October 20th he just dropped a music video for the Carpenter directed Stephen King adaptation, CHRISTINE.

This marks his first directorial effort in nearly 7 years. His attention for the last couple years has been solely on his music and the classic scores and soundtracks that filled his films from the 70’s through today.

The music video has a running time of just over 4 1/2 minutes and each frame that is captured it beautiful. Even though no words are spoken throughout the tension that builds with the music and the shots is incredible. That was part of the beauty of a film like Christine. The lore and imagination around a killer car that is out to seek revenge could have been handled very poorly in the hands of the wrong director. But when you combine Carpenter and Stephen King it is almost a can’t miss combo.

Check out the short for yourself then see if John Capenter’s ‘Anthologies: Movie Themes Tour’ is hitting your city this fall.

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