The ‘Gremlins’ Are Back Just in Time for Christmas With This Rad Fan-Made Short

“You’re probably to young to remember what happened last time in Kingston Falls.” Well, writer and director Ryan Patrick is here to remind about the grizly details. He is behind the Gremlins fan film, GREMLINS RECALL. A love letter to the original classic.

The opening scene of the 10+ minute short opens with an infomercial from “Wing” that is complete with a working 800 number to call and order your new pet today! For only $1999 you too can own your own mogwai. The “Wing” corporation has created a new and improved genetically modified mogwai that can truly be called the family pet. But bad things can happen if you don’t follow the 3 simple rules when caring for your new pet.As you can imagine things don’t exactly go as planned. The claims of a new friendly pet turn out to be bogus. The newly genetically engineered mogwai’s are said to no longer have to adhere to the 3 simple rules we all know and love.

Never get them wet.

Never expose them to bright lights.

And lastly never feed them after midnight.

The short is a nice homage to the original and even uses practical puppets for the mogwai’s and gremlins. It is fantastic from start to finish. I would love to see what Ryan Patrick and his team could do with a bigger budget and 90 minutes.


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